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Warning: LONG!

So really, generally speaking, the finale? Was really really good.

I loved the overlapping characters doing the narration at the beginning. I thought it fit really well with the chaotic scenes.

The Denny storyline never really interested me, but it was really great in the finale. I actually held my breath when they were doing the transplant, and waiting for the new heart to beat. And I still said, "Oh, no," when he died, even when I KNEW KNEW KNEW since they introduced him as a romantic partner for Izzie that he was going to die. And I loved that his dying wasn't this big, huge event...it was quiet and quick and unpredictable (well, for the characters), which is how death is so often. So congratulations, writers, on a job well done on that front--you made me care about the whole Denny/Izzie thing.

I loved how crazy Izzie was when Olivia tried taking over for her. I loved that Olivia was in the episode, period.

Katherine Heigl again impressed. She played off-the-wall crazy very well, you could just SEE that she was RIGHT on the EDGE of snapping. And the end scene, with her on the bed, was so terribly tragic. Izzie was just so...broken. And Alex! God, I hate you Alex. I hate you for always being such an asshole and when I'm comfortably disgusted by you and think you're the slime of the earth, you do something kind and unselfish and I'm forced to start LIKING YOU AGAIN! Damn you!

But seriously, his speech to Izzie was heartbreaking. That whole scene was heartbreaking.

Also, I don't just love Miranda Bailey. I want to BE Miranda Bailey. "Where are my suck-ups?"

I loved, loved, loved the interns' monologues to the chief. I loved Alex admitting that even if he hates "the team"...it's still "his team" and you don't turn your back on that. I loved Cristina's whole monologue, and Sandra Oh is a wonderful actress.

I loved George finally getting back to the George I loved and admitting that the Meredith thing was a huuuge part his fault, and loved his apologizing. Really, it's been himself he was mad at all along.

I loved Sunday's episode. I loved the first hour of the two-hour season finale. Of the second hour, I loved the whole tying up of the Izzy-Denny storyline, the monologues, and Alex not being a total ass after all.

However, Shonda, the creator herself, ruined a lot of the second hour (which she wrote) for me. Let's begin, shall we, why I just can't be content with this season finale.

At the end of the first hour, I kinda wondered, "Okay...what are they going to do now?" And I really think they used up all their good stuff in the first hour.

A prom. At a hospital. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You have GOT to be kidding me. That has to be one of the most contrived things I've ever heard of. And an excuse for both McVet and McAsshole to stare at Meredith as she descended the staircase in what was probably the most cliched moment ever. And honestly? She wasn't much to look at. She looked pretty, but not knock-your-socks off. God, that was just so...GAH. I know GA stretches the realms of reality, but seriously. A prom.

Addison. Oh, Addison, what happened? On Sunday you gave McJackass the smackdown he so richly deserved...and Monday you take it back? And again close your eyes and bury your head in the sand and pretend everything's okay? I'm so disappointed. I want Addison to be the one to walk away. She deserves so much better. (In fact, I now ship Addison/McVet. Because he has PLANS! Addie could be all about the plans!) However, I must say--Addie was a band geek! Just when I thought I couldn't love that woman any more, I do. But she needs to get a clue. (But stay on the show!)

The Mer/Der sex scene. I really, really hope that wasn't supposed to be romantic, because to me it was cheap, tawdry, and made them both look like assholes. I was waiting the whole time for someone--especially Addison or McVet--to walk in on them. And Meredith? You just had sex with a married man during "prom" in an on-call room after telling his wife you weren't sleeping with him less than 24 hours ago. I, officially, get to call you a whore. I didn't feel the "TWU LUV!!!" that Shonda insists on shoving down our throats at pretty much every moment. I saw a jackass who can't remember he's MARRIED and doesn't have the balls to sign the divorce papers, and a girl who's weak and doesn't have enough self-respect to not sleep with the jackass who pretty much called her a whore and is, y'know, MARRIED. That scene, for me, just lessened the characters of Derek and Meredith even more in my esteem. I was totally with Callie, giving Derek that dirty look. Which made me love her a little bit, and she's a character I've been unsure about.

And the cliffhanger--SERIOUSLY?? SERIOUSLY?? After leaving me with the cliffhanger of Burke laying on the ground shot and Denny's monitor flatlining after Izzie cut the cord, you seriously think I'm going to be left all season wondering "Oh, God, is Meredith going to choose McVet or McJackass??" Do you really, honestly, truly think I care that much about them? Really? Because I know Shonda is the biggest squeeing fangirl EVER for Mer/Der, but at least at TWOP GA, from what I can tell, I am not the only one who really could CARE LESS at this point. They dated for like, six episodes. He was MARRIED. They've been apart for over 20 episodes. But I'm still supposed to be gnashing my teeth and biting my nails over whether she'll choose McAsshole or McVet? SERIOUSLY? I really feel almost like my intelligence has been insulted.

And if she chooses Derek (which she won't originally--she'll choose McVet for like, five episodes and then go back to McJackass), what are they going to do?? Go back and chill at the trailer with Addison? He made her no promises, gave her no apologies.

Oh, and I hated the Chief for saying Derek is also honorable/noble, whatever. Derek? Is no Preston Burke. Burke can be an asshole, but at least he's an HONEST asshole.

So honestly? I'm really, really mad. Because I feel like Sunday's episode and the first half of Monday's were excellent. Awesome. But the Mer/Der crap that went down pretty much ruined it for me, as did the pathetic excuse for a "cliffhanger". And I'm left with this feeling that it wasn't a good finale. Which isn't true. Because it was. But SHONDA pretty much ruined it and left me feeling really disappointed. Shonda needs to take a step back from her ridiculous Mer/Der love and see that she's sacrificing the characters (and the character of Addison, as well) in the process, and removing them from what people liked about them, as individuals and together, in the first place. Because I did see a bit of McDreamy during the whole surgery with Burke. But he's such a McJackass to the women in his life that I can't root for him, I just can't. And now Meredith really is a dirty mistress. Oh, and if Derek ever throws the affair in Addison's face again, his legs deserve to be broken.

I have thin hope for S3. Which is a shame, because I think I'd really be looking forward to it if the ending hadn't been so pathetic. Shonda needs to get her act together, because it was the stuff that SHE wrote that was so disappointing. The wonderful stuff in the first two out of three hours were compromised--even the wonderful Izzie-Denny ending that she DID write was compromised--in my mind, because now Mer/Der isn't just my cup of tea, now it's downright scuzzy.

I feel cheated, because this was a really good finale, but I need to keep REMINDING myself of that.

...A prom. SERIOUSLY.
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