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Gah! Come now, we need new discussion!

Here's a new one:

Both Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) and Patrick Dempsey (Derek) made the top 15 list to be nominated for an Emmy. Thursday, this list will be chopped down to the five nominees. What are their chances?

Also, who do you think, if anyone, will be nominated for Supporting Actor/Actress?

Ellen Pompeo is an okay actress to me. Personally, I think she's kind of flat and she doesn't make Meredith particularly interesting to me. She has her good moments--I thought she was really good in the stairwell scene ("You don't get to call me a whore") but more often than not she leaves me cold. I can't really see her picking up a nomination, although with the buzz of Grey's Anatomy, she may. However, there's no way she'll take the win.

Patrick Dempsey has no chance of being nominated. At all. I'll eat my hat if he's nominated. Does he even have a tape? I can't imagine him seriously going up against such heavy weights like Hugh Laurie and James Spader. No. Chance.


Sandra Oh (Cristina) is, in my opinion, a lock for Supporting Actress. She won last year, didn't she? It was the Emmys where she won? The previous year's winner almost always gets a nod with another nomination the following year. Also, she's awesome. Her monologue with the chief? Wonderful. She'll definitely pick up a nomination.

Chandra Wilson (Bailey) is another great actress and she may pick up a nomination if she submits the Superbowl episode. However, her chances are less certain because Bailey is just not a supporting character the way that Cristina is a supporting character. However, of the Grey actresses, I think she's next in line behind Sandra Oh with chances at a nomination.

Katherine Heigl (Izzie) I think will be passed over because she's a bit, if you will, low-brow, and I can't see her fitting the Emmy profile. And that aside, her performances have been rather hit-miss. I thought she was excellent, really excellent, in the finale, but otherwise she hasn't been particurly remarkable. I don't think she'll be nominated.

Kate Walsh (Addison) is, in my opinion, an excellent actress but she simply doesn't have enough material to warrent a nomination. If Addison is expanded in the future, I could see her picking up a nomination. But right now, no. She just doesn't have enough to compete with even Sandra Oh, much less all the other Supporting Actresses.

Of the actors, the only one I could really see picking up a nomination is T.R. Knight (George). I think he's been excellent this season. Isaiah Washington (Burke) may, becaus he's had some great scenes, especially the quiet despair in the finale, but I'm doubtful. Justin Chambers (Alex) really doesn't have enough compelling material, in my opinion.

Here's how, of all the Grey's actors/actresses, I'd rank their chances of picking up either a leading/supporting nomination:

Sandra Oh (Supporting Actress)
Chandra Wilson (Supporting Actress)
T.R. Knight (Supporting Actor)
Isaiah Washington (Supporting Actor)
Ellen Pompeo (Leading Actress)
Kate Walsh (Supporting Actress)
Katherine Heigl (Supporting Actress)
Justin Chambers (Supporting Actor)
Patrick Dempsey (Leading Actor)

I'd love to hear the thoughts of others!
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