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Well, I figured I might as well get this rolling!

Honestly, I thought this episode was very 'meh'. I didn't really even realize until it was over that it didn't really capture my attention. During Desperate Housewives and for the first part of the Grey's Anatomy episode, I would work on my homework during the breaks. However, as the episode of GA went on, I'd start working through the show and only pay half-attention.

It was surprising because GA usually delivers consistant and interesting plotlines...but this one fell flat for me.

However, I like how we had Derek owning up to what he screwed up in the marriage. That kind of redeemed him a bit for taking both Addison and Meredith along for the ride. He's still a McJerkface, but at least he had some kind of insight tonight. Because Addison's cheating was not the only problem--it was the result of a problem that already existed. It's just a shame that the fact that Meredith/Derek is OMGOTP4EVA!!11!!!one! is being shoved down our throats because I really like Addison and Derek. And I wish they would at least let us think that they had a snowball's chance at making it.

Speaking of Addison, she was really tragic with how she was desperate for someone, ANYONE, to pay attention to her. I hope she's the one to dump Derek, because I feel for her. And between her and Bree from DH, I really have a thing for the redheaded-walking-tragedies.

Bailey bringing her baby into the hospital was very un-Bailey like, and kinda annoyed me. Normally I love Bailey. But c'mon...BABYSITTER MUCH?

I'm so 'meh' about Meredith, which is funny, because on the GA board over at TWOP, everyone is either one way or the other. They either love her, or hate her. But I'm very ambigious about her. I don't especially care what happens to her one way or another. Actually...I feel that way about a lot of the characters. Izzy. George. Derek. Alex. I'm ambigious. I do like Cristina and the Cristina/Burke pairing, and I like Bailey even though she brought her baby into work, and I like Addison. But generally speaking, I think that some of the characters could have been made more...I dunno, relatable? *shrug*

There's more, I'm sure, but I'm better at discussing when people give their thoughts, too. So let's get this community going!
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