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September Rains

Random thoughts on this episode:

The superstition thing kind of bugged me a bit: it seemed a bit extreme. Four deaths seems like a lot for one day, also, never mind six. Admittedly they're doing major surgery but it still seems high for skilled surgeons. Four deaths in twelve theatres is like a 30% mortality rate!! I liked all their individual quirks but I didn't buy the part where surgery was being cancelled: theatre time is expensive and these patients would have already been admitted and prepped for surgery. It wouldn't be appropriate to cancel the cases unless there was a really good reason. But enough of the medical stuff...

Addison making an effort and giving cocoa to Meredith and thanking her was nice. I think Addison's actually been very patient with the whole Meredith thing: a lot of women wouldn't put up with Derek speaking to her or working in the same place, never mind being friends.

The OCD patient: I liked that they made the point about his life being unbearable but it would have been nice if they'd explained the disorder and its treatment a bit more rather than emphasising his quirky behaviour. I would have thought that they would have sedated him a little before the surgery so that he wasn't so anxious but I guess that wouldn't make as good tv.

I loved the Christina/Burke plotline and the whole thing with the scrub cap. It was nice to see Christina open up a bit more to Burke when she explained why she kept hold of his cap. I liked that it wasn't a soppy explanation but that it was in character for Christina.

I'm enjoying the Izzy/Denny even though Izzy has never been a particular favourite of mine. It's good that Alex's imperfections have not been forgotten and his increasing desperation in this episode was portrayed well. Equally Katherine Heigl did a good job portraying Izzy's struggle with her emotions. I was glad that Denny made it because I was expecting tragic death and Alex redeeming himself by comforting Izzy. I hope that Alex will develop as a person through this experience (but not become perfect overnight).

George... I'm bored of George. I can understand why Dr Bone Mender lost patience with him. I can't see that lasting: she's too tough and ballsy to put up with George being wimpy. I did feel slightly sorry for him when Burke sent him off to get his cap back as it didn't do anything for his credibility as a surgeon. George living with Christina and Burke is funny considering that scene early on when George let on to Burke that he knew about him and Christina and Burke was very definitely Not Impressed.

Not sure how I feel about the whole Richard thing. He's another character I don't really care too much about, maybe because most of his storylines concern the past rather than the future. I'm not sure if I buy him as a recovering alcoholic. If he had that serious a problem would he really be chief of surgery now?

I loved the track they played near the end - the 'hallelujah' one. I have to say I really like the music on this show and the way they pick out obscure album tracks.
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