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Grey's Anatomy

The Dissection Room

Grey's Anatomy: The Dissection Room
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This is a community for discussing Grey's Anatomy created by me, septemberrains. I created this community because different people on my flist are at different places in watching the series and I wanted to be able to discuss the latest episodes without having to put spoilers on everything.

Anyone is welcome to join this community but please remember that the latest episodes will be discussed, possibly without spoiler cuts. If you haven't seen them and don't want to be spoiled then it might not be a good idea to look. You are welcome to post with anything you want. The community is for friendly discussion: opinions are welcome, personal insults are not. I will ban anyone who tries to cause trouble.

It would be appreciated if posters could try and put new posts containing spoilers or episode comments behind a cut with the name or number of the episode so that people can skip over discussion of episodes that they haven't seen yet.